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Partnership Between Clean Energy and Software to Make Fleet Electrification Easier

New cooperation between Microgrid Labs and Catalyze will combine sustainable energy transition as well as software to help businesses and municipalities across the United States simplify fleet electrification services. Throughout the electrification procedure, including planning, execution, funding, and operations, the two will interact and work with the other fleet owners. The firms will provide accompanying vehicles, chargers, and renewable energy generation and storage facilities for the fleets in addition to creating and deploying the fleet electrification platforms.

The service, according to the firms, would handle the intricacies of electric vehicle loads, temperatures, routes, and electrical prices, as well as regulatory and technical issues. The services are designed for use in commercial, industrial, and municipal settings. The two companies claim that the agreement will simplify the challenges of operating an electric fleet, citing the fact that key technical situations, as well as electrification processes, are frequently spread across consultants, software, as well as equipment vendors. The collaboration comes at a time when the electric vehicle market is booming and electric fleets are expanding.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the worldwide light-duty electric fleet will rise from under 1% in the year 2020 to over 670 million vehicles by 2050, up from less than 1% in 2020. This has necessitated the development of tools to facilitate fleet transfers and the deployment of electric vehicles. The Biden Administration unveiled a proposal that includes the installation of charging infrastructure around the country. It also establishes a Joint Office of Energy and Transportation to aid in the distribution of infrastructure.

Los Angeles was just awarded a grant worth $6 million to build one of the country’s largest charging stations. Cities like New York and Orlando have been able to expand their electric bus fleets because of falling battery costs and increased financial incentives. Toyota and Ford, for example, are investing billions in battery manufacture in the United States.

Catalyze, a renewable energy generator, has made a minority investment in Microgrid Labs, a software and consulting firm, as portion of the new cooperation. Boulder, Colorado is home to both companies. “Electric vehicle adoption represents a major potential for governments, school districts, and corporations to achieve their environmental goals while also lowering transportation costs,” says Catalyze Chief Executive Officer Steve Luker.

Catalyze is on a mission to speed the transition to the renewable energy by enabling the integration of smart energy resources into the new and current buildings and infrastructure simple and cost-effective. They assist corporations, municipalities, and utilities in achieving their sustainability goals, generating additional cash, and reducing the effect of the built environment on the earth as a clean energy generator and IPP (independent power producer).