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Electric vehicles

Kamala Harris unveiled his concept for a network of electric vehicle charging points

The Biden administration unveiled an ambitious federal initiative to create 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the country and lower the cost of electric vehicles, with the objective of changing the American auto sector. “Electric transportation is the backbone of transportation in our country and around the world,” Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at an electric vehicle charging point in a Maryland neighborhood.

President Joe Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill last month that authorizes a statewide network of the charging facilities and allocates $5 billion to states to create them, comprising $63 million for Maryland. In addition, the law allocates $2.5 billion in local funding to promote charging stations in the rural and underprivileged areas. A $7,500 tax credit is included in Biden’s $2 trillion environmental and social policy measure, which is currently pending in the Senate.

Harris stated, “We want to create electric automobiles available to everyone.” “Absolutely make it simple and accessible to everyone.” “It’s the same as filling up your car with gas.” “We need to accelerate the shift faster and ensure it is spearheaded by the United States,” Harris said, adding that the car sector is already moving toward electric vehicles.

“We make it possible for customers to go electric” when public chargers are provided in rural, urban, or suburban areas, Harris said, stressing that the largest obstacle to owning an electric car is “figuring out where as well as how to charge it.” Apartment dwellers may not possess a private driveway where a plug can be installed, while rural households may have to travel miles to find a charger, she said.

Harris went to a maintenance facility in Brandywine, Maryland’s Prince George’s County, where she got a demo of how the chargers work and was informed about a proposal to electrify the government fleet. “There isn’t a sound or a smell!” As she loaded one of the county’s vehicles, Harris exclaimed. With a grin, she questioned, “How do I get to know that it is working?”

According to Mahidhar Reddy, who is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the SemaConnect firm, which is a Maryland business that created the charging station, the vehicle is completely charged when display is continuous green. According to the White House, the new Electric Vehicle charging strategy sets up a joint electric cars office between the Departments of Energy and Transportation, issues guidelines and standards for the states, and guarantee consultations with automakers, local and state governments, environmental justice, and the civil rights organizations, tribes, and others.

The two departments will also form an electric car advisory committee, which authorities expect to have up and running from next year. The White House claims that hastening the adoption of electric cars for personal vehicles and commercial fleets will assist accomplish Biden’s objective of the net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050 while also generating thousands of jobs.