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In 2024, Xiaomi and OPPO are expected to release electric vehicles

OPPO and Xiaomi are said to be working on electric vehicles that will be released in 2024. Both businesses are among China’s largest automakers, and their involvement in the electric vehicle market has the potential to transform the industry’s landscape. OPPO electric cars are now in the stage of development, according to 91mobiles, and the business is eyeing India as a possible market. BBK Electronics, which owns the OPPO, Realme, and OnePlus brands, verified the story.

According to the report, these corporations have registered several trademarks in India for their automobiles. Furthermore, OPPO appears to be so eager about its electric vehicle intentions that it has already begun the planning process. India’s electric vehicle market is exploding, making it a highly appealing market for EV makers.

To present, no information about the prospective specifications of OPPO electric vehicles has been released. We only know that the corporation plans to release its electric vehicles in early 2024. OPPO, on the other hand, does not appear to be capable of producing an electric vehicle on its own and it is going to very certainly require assistance from other companies. The names of potential partners have yet to be revealed, but Chinese automakers would undoubtedly assist OPPO in this endeavor.

OPPO isn’t the only Chinese automaker interested in launching an electric vehicle. Xiaomi’s CEO earlier stated that the company’s electric vehicles will begin mass production in 2024. Xiaomi also plans to spend $10 billion on its electric vehicle sector during the next 10 years. Xiaomi has, of course, stated its intention to make electric cars since 2015, and the business has a long-term strategy for this market.

Xiaomi also registered a car company, Xiaomi EV Company Limited, earlier this year. The business’s goal, according to corporate officials, is to achieve “truly driverless passenger automobiles” by at least 2025. Xiaomi Automobile Technology Company, Ltd., Xiaomi’s second car company, was just registered.

The new firm will be focused on energy vehicles, car production, and technological research, with a capital of about 1 billion yuan. We don’t know much about the breadth of these firms’ businesses yet, but the second company could be in charge of selling peripherals and accessories to the first.

Xiaomi and OPPO aren’t the only Chinese automakers focusing on electric vehicles. Huawei has been working on this for years and has even released some prototypes. The US sanctions against Huawei, which prompted the company to diversify into new business segments in order to make more money, were one of the factors that pushed Huawei into electric vehicles.