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Experts Say Strict Audits Are Required to Protect California Recalls


On Thursday, a group of election security professionals discovered a duplicate of the system that is used to hold polls across the country. release to the general public Their letter to the Secretary of State invites the state to perform a post-election audit to help discover attempts at hostile intervention.

Experts call for rigorous audit to protect California recall - ABC News

Former President Donald Trump’s supporter My Pillow CEO Mike Lindel sponsored a gathering this month with a copy of the Dominion voting system with a state-wide recall for Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom slated for September 14. This is the first election since the ballots were mailed out. Trump made an inaccurate allegation about the election results from last year. The Dominion system is used by election officials in 30 states, including 40 counties in California.


Election security specialists say that infractions from Colorado and Michigan counties jeopardize elections because the system is utilized for a variety of administrative duties, including ballot creation and voting machine setting, as well as result aggregation. Is thought to be on the rise. Experts stated in the letter that there was no proof that they planned to breach the California system and that they did not hold Dominion responsible.


The expert wrote in a letter that “But it’s important to recognize that the release of Dominion software increases the risk to California’s election security and requires urgent action”.


Computer scientists, election technology experts, and cybersecurity researchers are among the eight professionals who have signed the letter.


Secretary of State Shirley Weber spokesman Jenna Dresdner said Dominion’s election management systems are used in 40 California counties and meet a range of state-specific standards. rice paddies She listed several security procedures in place to safeguard the state’s voting system. Regular vulnerability testing, strict control of allowed users, physical security standards, and pre-election testing to guarantee that no component of the system has changed are all part of this. It’ll happen.