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Texas Officials Want Mortuary Trucks From The US Government As The Number Of Covid Cases Increases

Texas Wants 5 More Refrigerated Trucks for Possible COVID-19 Deaths

Texas health officials have requested five mortuary trucks from the federal government as the number of Covid cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities in the state continue to grow.

The fourth wave of infections in the United States, fueled by the Delta strain, has disproportionately hospitalized and killed those who have not been immunized.

The Texas request comes at a difficult time in the epidemic when around half of Americans have been fully vaccinated, vaccine mandates are becoming more widespread, and an official announcement concerning Covid booster doses is likely in the coming days.

Given the rapid and extensive Covid-19 transmission, Texas officials said they sought the trucks from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or Fema, as a “precaution.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Covid-19 deaths in Texas have tripled in the last two weeks, reaching 89 per day (CDC). Covid-19 killed 351 individuals in Texas on average each day during the pandemic’s bloodiest month, January. Covid-19 has killed about 54,000 people in Texas.

Other healthcare institutions have also issued warnings. After a health expert predicted that Mississippi’s hospital system would fail, the University of Mississippi Medical Center announced that the Christian charity organization Samaritan’s Purse would put up a 30- to the 50-bed field hospital in a parking garage.