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5 Tennessee theatres to shut down this Thursday

In the light of the ongoing coronavirus, pandemic life has come to a pause. Many industries have been delaying their reopening or shutting down permanently due to a lack of consumers and the inability of paying their employees.

5 of the most hyped movie theatres in Tennessee along with several others are rumored to shutdown this Thursday. The burdens relating to the financial crunch and lack of viewers have forced them to take the drastic decision.

The news of the launch of the new ‘James Bond’ movie had shined a light on various regal cinema theatres across the country. However, the delay in schedule and continuous postponement of the release date has left the cinema owners in distress.

With the lockdown and strict public health restrictions loosening gradually, people have been resuming their normal routines and public places have slowly started accepting them. Keeping the social distancing norms, mask mandate rules, and limited public gathering restrictions, the moviegoers were supposed to resume back their schedule.

The constant rise and fall in the COVID-19 graph and various laws set by the states regarding it, any verdicts for or against the opening, and proper functioning of public places are yet to be verified. Around 536 Regal cinemas are to be shut down across the U.S.

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