Activist and famous Singer of I Am Woman, Helen Reddy dies at 78

Helen Reddy, a famous and top Australian singer as well as activist, dies at the age of 78.  During the 70s, her song “ I Am Woman”  broken many records, and it acts as the best song for empowering feminist. Soon the song becomes the feminist anthem and is being played till now.

The death news of her comes from her children Traci Donat and Jordan Sommers. The duo confirms the news in their official Facebook Page and Tuesday.

In a statement from her children,  they say that for all fans out there, it is very sad to announce about the passing of their mother, Hellen Reddy.  She breathes her last on 29th September 2020 in Los Angeles.  In the end statement, the duo mentions how she is a great mother and grandmother as well and how she plays an active role as an activist for various issues.

In early life, she used to performed various tracks and then won a singing contest as well. Later, she heads to New York, and there she sings numerous tracks for Capitol Records. Some of her tracks to become an all-time blockbuster as well. She too won a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

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