KC restaurants now facing the threat of bankruptcy eviction

There are many multiple Kansas City landmark restaurants that are now having a wrong time. It was seen that they are now struggling to open as well as face eviction and bankruptcy, as well. Since January, it was observed that Fred P. Ott’s had been going for the month to month lease. The current lease period has already expired at the end of October.

As per Chole Henington, who is the manager of Fred P. Ott’s, he said that currently, the company is not going to leave.  It said that the company would keep on coming here and clocking in till it here.

Later Henington added by saying that she has tried to contact the owners for months. But then it was found out that the restaurant group is now getting evicted.

In a court filing, the Haddad restaurant group said to be owed nearly $69,554.17 in rent, and this lease ran out on the day of Halloween.  Henington noted that it is very sad to think about leaving the place. The company is there since the 70s, and it has seen many things during all this time.

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