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Amazon is expanding the crowdsourced Alexa Answers program

Amazon has launched the crowdsourced Alexa Answers program in which the company will collect the answers to the questions to which Alexa doesn’t know the answers. The program works in a fun way. If Alexa chooses your answer, you get one point and their leaderboard for the users who will provide appropriate answers to Alexa for the question. The whole idea is to get an informative and right response to the questions.

If you are interested in the program, enroll for the program in the crowdsourced Alexa Answers page. You can filter the questions that are divided into categories like most frequently asked questions,“”newest questions,” or general topic areas, like science or geography, and then submit the answer. The answer submitted by you is screened and checked for the facts. If the answer is selected for the question, you get the point.

The main concern behind the program is the fact-checking and getting better appropriate answers for the questions. The question doesn’t need to be technical. Amazon wants that Alexa should know all the answers. The crowdsourced Alexa Answers program was launched in early December in the Beta, but now the company is expanding the program life to make Alexa better than other AI like Google Assistant and Siri.

There is no formal system for recognizing the answers as a correct response or not. The users vote the answers; the answers which gets the most number of thumbs up will be selected. If you think any response is not correct, you can vote down forth a response. There is no technical way to determine the answers. The whole procedure works on the honor system.

If there is more than one response to the questions, Alexa can use both the response. On the basis of the votes, Alexa will choose the most voted answers. Although choosing answers based on the votes may seem incorrect, but Amazon is getting a better response with the program, which also enhances the capabilities of Alexa.

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