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Dark Theme for the Gmail is not out! An Android 10 Update

Google released the Android 10 update with the teaser that all the apps of Google will have a dark theme now. After a brief teaser and successful launch of Android 10, we are finally getting a Dark theme in the Gmail app. Google today rolled out Dark Theme for the Gmail Android via a server-side update.

Like any other Google apps, Gmail will offer you three themes from the app looks. You can choose among light, dark, and system default themes. If you select the dark theme, the background of the app will turn a dark gray color. Even the navigation tray is of the same dark gray color.

The Gmail UI will all be in dark colors. However, the search bars and other elements are in a light shade of grey to make a better visual of the app. The avatars in the Gmail id accounts and your avatar in the top right corner of the app will have muted colors. They have made it less bright, which goes just fine with the theme.

The dark theme also extends to the compose and email page too. If you are composing an email, the email background is still in dark color. But the fonts in the email composing section turns white so that you can read the email with ease.

How to enable Dark Theme in Gmail-

In order to get Dark theme for your Gmail, you need to update your Gmail app from the Google play store. To get the dark theme, you need Version 2019.08.18.267044774 of Gmail.

Once you have updated your app, follow the below steps.

To enable the dark theme in Gmail, you’ll need to hit the settings button in Gmail’s web interface or mobile app and click on “Themes.” Under the collection of pictures, you’ll see the default white theme, with a “Dark” option next to it. Simply tap on that option and hit “Save.”

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