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Google unveils Chrome 77 with new sharing tab

Google announced the launch of the Chrome 77 in the Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS today. Google announced that it has developed Chrome 77 for multiple platforms like Linux and Android and will be available to download from Google Play in the coming weeks.

Google has not shared the details of the changes made in Chrome as of now but there are new features in Chrome 77 which is easily noticeable. There is a new sharing tab in the Chrome browser that enables you to send Chrome pages from one device to another.

Google has also done many visual changes in the all-new Chrome. The sharing tab in Chrome is unique. You can right-click on a link, and a new context menu will appear that lets you send links to other devices where you use Chrome.

If you are using Chrome on iPhones, you will need to open the browser and accept the sent request for the Chrome page. The feature is already available on Android and Windows. iPhones and Linux will soon be able to use the features. Google is also working on the macOS for developing the feature.

Chrome has long supported the ability to browse your open and recent tabs across multiple devices, but this send-to-device feature makes things a little quicker if you’re moving from browsing on a PC or laptop to a phone or vice versa.

The significant changes of the Chrome 77 are the new site loading indicator in tabs. The new feature shows the site’s favicon, which indicates the loading process of the site. The favicon will become bright once the page is loaded correctly in the browser. You can get the latest Chrome 77 update by navigating to help > about Google Chrome is the browser to check for updates.

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