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Google will soon launch Pass to compete with Apple Arcade

Google Pass was in the rumor for the past few months, but it was not official yet whether Google will launch a special game application to compete with Apple Arcade. Leaks started surfacing the internet at the beginning of the year that Google is developing an app that is dedicated to gamers. The app will be based on the paid subscription and will host premium and popular games.

Today, Google tweeted with the official teaser that Google Pass will be live soon, and people can subscribe to the games using the app. However, the teaser does not say the subscription rules and rates. But as Apple has revealed the subscription price for using Apple Arcade, we assume that Google will be competing with the price of Apple Arcade.

Google Pass has not revealed the games it offers and which premium games will be available in the play store. Although the company has not revealed the subscription price, we assume it should be about $5 a month similar to Apple’s Arcade. The subscribers will be offered ad-free playing experience, and all the games in the Google Pass will be accessible to the subscribers.

The teaser released today also mentioned that Google Pass would launch with popular games like Monument Valley, Stardew Valley, and Threes. But the date of release of these games is not mentioned. Apart from the games, the app will also offer some music listening premium apps which you can subscribe to and also fitness trackers.

Google has a tradition to launch new Hardware or application in the October Event. So we are looking forward to the next month’s event for the launch of Google Pass with the necessary details.

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